Temporary Workaround for Private Scrapbooks!

Those orkut users who have private scrapbook and tried subscribing to it earlier was showed error message like “THIS SCRAPBOOK IS PRIVATE!”

We are still somewhat reluctant to ask for your orkut login information but a temporary workaround is in place.

The solution is to add Orkutfeeds Bot to your Orkut friend-list.

Our Bots profile is here!

Note approving friend-request may take time as I have to do it manually. But all requests will be approved in time so if you have added OrkutFeeds bot to your friend-list then you can go ahead with subscribing to feed showing error message to you.

That way you no need to visit our site again when we accept your friend-request. Once its accepted scraps will start appearing in your reader! 🙂

This workaround is in place from yesterday and its working successfully!

I am planning to solve community feeds issue by this weekend.

Then I will come up with a solution to accept your Orkut logins (if needed) with encryption of course! 😉

Unfortunately Google API Authentication doesn’t works with Orkut otherwise things would have been much easier…

Anyway let me get back to community feeds… yep I am working on it… 🙂


OrkutFeeds Bot Profile Link: http://www.orkut.com/Profile.aspx?uid=10226448830416481862

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