Get Orkut Scraps, Community & Topic Updates on Mobile!

Yes! Using a service like RSS Feed to SMS you can get updates delivered by Orkutfeeds on your mobile handset.

Pavan wrote a post for Indian orkut users to get scrap alerts on mobile by using MyToday.

If you know any other service like MyToday for other regions please let us know.

Actually I am trying to find best option from long time but many services does not work outside US.

Thanks Pavan! 🙂

4 Replies to “Get Orkut Scraps, Community & Topic Updates on Mobile!”

  1. Oh! thank you for mentioning about my site here. I am glad for that. Now, I have posted one more article for other countries. One will definitely work for US, and other is supported by many networks.

    One main drawback I noticed with MyToday was a delay in delivery of sms. This can be overcome by using email technique I have provided in my new post. Other one is using Yahoo! I think Yahoo! is good at response. Just check the methods I have provided there and tell me if they have good response time. If you know mail id for Spice mobiles of Karnataka, please tell me.

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