Resolved – Community & Topic feeds are working again!

Just resolved community & topic feeds duplicate items issue.

Sorry all for inconvenience. πŸ™

Please don’t get annoyed if something goes wrong again. Just contact me via comments/email or anyway as per your convenience.

This is my first project in PHP as well as in public domain so it will take some time for me to fix codes…

I am tried like hell now… so to all commentators, I will post my reply tomorrow!

Sorry again….

Good Night! πŸ™‚

5 Replies to “Resolved – Community & Topic feeds are working again!”

  1. @drwiz
    I am not sure about orkutapps as of now.
    but if you have any idea or something on your mind please let me know.
    Between sorry for delay in reply… πŸ™

    sorry for delay in reply… πŸ™
    I was busy fixing it when you guys commented.
    Hope its working fine now! πŸ™‚

  2. your system is down try subscribing to a new community and see its rss source not inside google reader

  3. @Eduardo
    Nice suggestion but there is a problem!

    One account must be there in order to go through orkut login…
    Now if I use say a dummy account then all messages you will send will sender as dummy account

    Also there is limit on how may scraps you can send to strangers on orkut so after say total 20 post dummy account will be blocked… πŸ™

  4. Hello There.

    First that to give the congratulations to it for the resource to notify the messages of the Orkut without needing to make login.

    A Suggestion:
    It will be that it has as to send messages without needing to be to enter in the Orkut?


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