We are not affiliated with MyToday

Lately, I am getting so many emails/comments/scraps complaining about MyToday.

Pavan started it, and then me and many fellow bloggers posted about how MyToday can be used to get scraps on mobile for free.

It seems like being a free service MyToday reached its limitations and they are failing to handle high volume of traffic.

Some users complained that they failed to get SMS in time while some other said they never received any SMS at all!

Tired of answering each of them separately, I have decided to make it clear by a post. So please note that we, orkutfeeds, are not affiliated with MyToday in anyway and can not be held responsible for quality of service they offer.

Our job is only upto serving valid RSS feeds. So if you can see feed content in normal browser we are done. Whatever you do next with other third party services, is beyond our control.

Please do not mistake this with any sort of arrogance. I just want to make clear few things which are affecting us… 🙂

Rest you can always contact me if anything goes wrong with our orkutfeeds! 🙂

Orkutfeeds User Guide [Documentation]

Usually documentation is the first thing done when launching a service. But being lazy and busy, I delayed it so long.

Actually most bloggers covered many details so I was never bothered in first place to write a manual. But for the sake of formality, the user guide is here.

I know documentation means a much longer and boring thing but as of now bear with it. I will write bigger docs in future.

As of now, added a small section – geeky notes, at the end which may be helpful if you are planning to (ab)use orkutfeeds programmatically… 😉

If something needs to be changed, corrected.. please feel free to comment! 🙂

Link: User Guide

Orkutfeeds is more stable & reliable now!

Although I said last night that community & topic feeds were back, they were keep breaking throughout the day…

So what I did is know separated code for all 3 types of feeds viz. scrapbook, community & topic feeds. The major advantage of this separation is increased reliability.  So as an example, if something goes wrong with scrapbook feeds in future hopefully it will not affect community & topic feeds.

Also I made some major changes apart from separating codes. These changes basically to correct minor bugs which pops out whenever orkut makes small changes to their original code. But this will not result in any disruption of service anymore.

Thanks for your patience… 🙂

Community & Topics feeds are taken down for maintenance. Sorry for inconvenience!

From evening (around 10 hours) I am receiving emails/scraps regarding problem in the feeds.

There is some problem is session management code which will take more time to figure it out.

I am using SVN here so I am reverting everything to old version where we didn’t have any support for community & topic feeds.

I thought its better than keeping whole service down in maintenance window.

So enjoy only scrapbook feeds for a while…

Once again, Sorry for inconvenience! 🙁

p.s. in between I will try to keep up community & topic feeds, but can not guarantee anything till next post!