We are not affiliated with MyToday

Lately, I am getting so many emails/comments/scraps complaining about MyToday.

Pavan started it, and then me and many fellow bloggers posted about how MyToday can be used to get scraps on mobile for free.

It seems like being a free service MyToday reached its limitations and they are failing to handle high volume of traffic.

Some users complained that they failed to get SMS in time while some other said they never received any SMS at all!

Tired of answering each of them separately, I have decided to make it clear by a post. So please note that we, orkutfeeds, are not affiliated with MyToday in anyway and can not be held responsible for quality of service they offer.

Our job is only upto serving valid RSS feeds. So if you can see feed content in normal browser we are done. Whatever you do next with other third party services, is beyond our control.

Please do not mistake this with any sort of arrogance. I just want to make clear few things which are affecting us… 🙂

Rest you can always contact me if anything goes wrong with our orkutfeeds! 🙂

2 Replies to “We are not affiliated with MyToday”

  1. @Arush
    First sorry for late reply as I was on vacation…

    I am continuously trying to find free RSS to SMS services which we can use but unfortunately out of luck… 🙁
    Most of the services I found are limited to US users or paid services.
    Still if I find something really good I will post about it on this blog… 🙂

    There are lots of RSS to EMAIL options already out there. I will post about few of them.
    About me not implementing one of our own…
    Reason 1 – Why to implement something which is already there!
    Reason 2 – It will increase load on our server. 🙁

    Still I will talk to dreamhost team and if they allow like 1000’s of emails everyday I will definitely implement such kind of option here in future… Of course much differently the other people doing out there… 😉

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