Sorry for disruption of service… :-(

After long time I am updating this Orkutfeeds blog and unfortunately I have a bad news.

Thanks to all of your love, orkutfeeds has been growing quite fast.

There are more than 3000 requests are made from our end to orkut server everyday and with a single google account is doing all the job, we are facing Google’s wrath as I have expected long back. Today I logged into Orkutfeeds bot’ account to see following Google error… 🙁


Now what does this mean?

Our bot is hitting limits and Google may soon disable our account. If that happens, I will create a new google account for orkutfeeds bot so that the service will be restored immediately for most of the users. Some user have private scrapbook and they added orkutfeeds bot’ profile in their friend list. If bots’ account get changed, they won’t be able to get updates for few days. 🙁

This is last week of my college graduation and I am busy like hell. But I will be free soon and then I will first provide an option to use your account for accessing feeds, of course in secure way. That will mean quality service and no more Google error!

On technical front, I will implement caching on our server so that from our end, load on orkut server will not increase. 🙂

Yes I love you Orkut and honestly I have no intension to abuse your servers. I feel very strongly that feeds feature you should have offered long time back.

Rest keep posting your suggestions, problems, complaints for orkutfeeds and sorry once again for all the inconvenience…

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