Orkutfeeds is back & working now…

Hey guys,

Those who have noticed it, Orkutfeeds was down for last 2-3 days. It took time for me to fix it up as I was busy with some other work.

Sorry for downtime and specially to users who are using Orkut community feeds as during downtime orkutfeeds might have resulted in lots of blank items in their feed reader.

Now all is well and I hope it will remain well in coming days. 🙂

I have made some really nice changes to core which will improve speed of this service. At the same time load on Orkut server is reduced by 60-70%.

Also in next week you will some nice features from Orkutfeeds. Also very soon we will allow you to use your Orkut account information.

If you have any idea, suggestion or future request, please visit our feedback forum.


OrkutFeeds Team 🙂

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