2 More bug fixed! Community Feeds Improved!

Just fixed 2 more bugs…

#1. New Orkut URL’s which have /Main# in them were creating problem.

Its completely fixed now. 😉

And we are sure fix will work as long as Orkut don’t do any nasty change! 😛

#2. Many users reported that they were seeing “moved temporarily” in feeds in place of actual content.

I did some thing to fix this as well. I hope you won’t get “moved temporarily”  error anymore.

Some more problems….

Scrapbook feeds may return empty when checking from browser. This will not affect or irritate any user subscribed using some feed-reader as they don’t show empty output! 😉

Reason for this is our bot is doing so much orkutting that orkut can not offer enough donuts to him. 🙁

So whenever orkut denied donuts to bot, it returns empty output. This is better than error messages.

Hey wait, did I say it is affecting scrapbook only?? Yep! Community feeds are served by a different bot account now. 😀

Just bear with our poor service for few more days…  we will be adding support for your own account, with lots of other exciting features soon! 😛

Thanks Rupesh for bringing reporting these bugs… 🙂

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