Caching Support Added

Just now completed caching, one of the longest pending task on my TO-DO list for Orkutfeeds.

Strangely, it took just 1 hour of coding and 2 hours of designing/thinking to implement caching! Had I known this earlier, OrkutFeeds would have never went down.

Anyway I hope service will run smoothly atleast for next few months. I don’t have enough free time to spend more on this free and ad-free (till now atleast) service.

Caching Duration

One bad thing with caching is you won’t get updates from Orkut instantly. But if you have time to follow updates every second, why don’t you just log into Orkut!

Anyway just for info, here are caching duration for different type of feeds.

  • Scrapbook feed – 10 minutes
  • Topic feed – 30 minutes
  • Community feed – 60 minutes

Adjusting these values are fairly easy on our end. So any discussion/suggestion related to these numbers are most welcomed. πŸ™‚

As usual, with any change, new bugs may popup over the time. Catch them if you can! πŸ˜‰

OrkutFeeds will be down for a week

We are sorry to announce but we have to take down Orkutfeeds service completely for a major update.

As posted on our main blog, we have recently shifted to dedicated private servers which cost us a lot. Also as we do not make any money from OrkutFeeds, we can’t let this resource hungry service to burn holes in our pockets.

The only solution which seems good enough now, is to re-code most part of it with exclusive support for caching. That way we can reduce load on our server as well as on Orkut server by 80%. Atleast as per our calculation.

Call for PHP geeks…

If you are a PHP geek and like to volunteer for next version of Orkutfeeds, please contact us.

As we are not making any money from this service as of now, your efforts will not be monetized immediately. But we have plan to make money from this service in future and if you happen to be with us there on timeline, we will surely make you rich! πŸ˜‰

Sorry once again for downtime. I hope to fix everything within a week.

Till then enjoy updates from our newly launched blog on Orkut – Orkut Diary.