OrkutFeeds will be down for a week

We are sorry to announce but we have to take down Orkutfeeds service completely for a major update.

As posted on our main blog, we have recently shifted to dedicated private servers which cost us a lot. Also as we do not make any money from OrkutFeeds, we canโ€™t let this resource hungry service to burn holes in our pockets.

The only solution which seems good enough now, is to re-code most part of it with exclusive support for caching. That way we can reduce load on our server as well as on Orkut server by 80%. Atleast as per our calculation.

Call for PHP geeksโ€ฆ

If you are a PHP geek and like to volunteer for next version of Orkutfeeds, please contact us.

As we are not making any money from this service as of now, your efforts will not be monetized immediately. But we have plan to make money from this service in future and if you happen to be with us there on timeline, we will surely make you rich! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Sorry once again for downtime. I hope to fix everything within a week.

Till then enjoy updates from our newly launched blog on Orkut โ€“ Orkut Diary.

We are back… Sorry for downtime!

First I apologize for long downtime of almost 24 hours!

Act when I noticed it yesterday for the first time, I thought like previous time orkut server was down so ignored it for first few hours.

Act there is one similarity between last weeks and yesterdays downtime – Script was working fine on localhost i.e. my machine in India but failing on DreamHost server in CA, US!

Also I use SVN for my all codes so I am quite sure about changes getting synchronized properly everywhere!

Anyway this cud only justify 2-3 hours but what next! Next thing I did I went home (I was in office while conducting above tests) and worst was waiting for me. My SMPSs fan was jammed so system was experiencing thermal shutdown! ๐Ÿ™

So it took me a little longer as I have to fix codes from my office. So everything is working fine now…

But I am still wondering why it went wrong in the first place! I mean it never stopped working on my localhost then why it went into problem on DreamHost servers???

My only conclusion from this fix is for CURL team. CURL is great without doubt but it should have handled cookies more transparently!

Anyway as a user of orkutfeeds, all I can promise to you… Never get panic if you see our DOWNTIME error message in feed! That only means things will working back soon. Do not unsubscribe! We will let you know that too either, if in feature we choose to quit permanently…

Update by Devdatta: If you have noticed my scrapbook content when you were expecting your scraps, then sorry again. I made a foolish mistake. All should be well now! (atleast… gush) ๐Ÿ™‚