2 More bug fixed! Community Feeds Improved!

Just fixed 2 more bugs…

#1. New Orkut URL’s which have /Main# in them were creating problem.

Its completely fixed now. 😉

And we are sure fix will work as long as Orkut don’t do any nasty change! 😛

#2. Many users reported that they were seeing “moved temporarily” in feeds in place of actual content.

I did some thing to fix this as well. I hope you won’t get “moved temporarily”  error anymore.

Some more problems….

Scrapbook feeds may return empty when checking from browser. This will not affect or irritate any user subscribed using some feed-reader as they don’t show empty output! 😉

Reason for this is our bot is doing so much orkutting that orkut can not offer enough donuts to him. 🙁

So whenever orkut denied donuts to bot, it returns empty output. This is better than error messages.

Hey wait, did I say it is affecting scrapbook only?? Yep! Community feeds are served by a different bot account now. 😀

Just bear with our poor service for few more days…  we will be adding support for your own account, with lots of other exciting features soon! 😛

Thanks Rupesh for bringing reporting these bugs… 🙂

Flash Content Bug Fixed

In your scrapbooks when someone used to post flash or some embed tag code, your feed reader may used to show that item again and again even if you marked it unread.

Now the bug is fixed completely. So you won’t get more duplicated entries saying something like…

To view this content, upgrade to the latest Flash plugin version at http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer.

I will be fixing few more bugs in coming days. Mostly related to Bad Orkut server error messages.

If you are having any problem with this service, let us know.

Thanks 🙂

More bug fixed. You may get few duplicate items in your feed reader.

Hi Guys,

Just fixed some error and also did some minor changes.

This small changes may result in guid field which uniquly identifies a feed item and so you may find some duplicate contents in your feed reader.

Don’t worry this will be only one time effect and should not result in more than 10 duplicates per feed.

If you find more, please let us know.


OrkutFeed Team

Orkutfeeds is back & working now…

Hey guys,

Those who have noticed it, Orkutfeeds was down for last 2-3 days. It took time for me to fix it up as I was busy with some other work.

Sorry for downtime and specially to users who are using Orkut community feeds as during downtime orkutfeeds might have resulted in lots of blank items in their feed reader.

Now all is well and I hope it will remain well in coming days. 🙂

I have made some really nice changes to core which will improve speed of this service. At the same time load on Orkut server is reduced by 60-70%.

Also in next week you will some nice features from Orkutfeeds. Also very soon we will allow you to use your Orkut account information.

If you have any idea, suggestion or future request, please visit our feedback forum.


OrkutFeeds Team 🙂

Thank You Gaurav for Supporting Orkutfeeds Development… :-)

Gaurav Dua, who blogs at OrkutPlus, one of the most famous blog on Orkut, stepped ahead to support development of this service.

His generous donation made possible for me to continue on this project and as a first step, I have integrated a new feedback system courtesy Uservoice.

Now you can post all your feature request, or vote for an existing feature here.

I am taking a week long break from my freelancing work to work on this project. Of course those who read my main blog Devils Workshop, will continue to receive new posts from me.

If you are a PHP programmer and like to contribute on this project, just contact us! 🙂

Thanks again Gaurav… 🙂

Link: Feedback/Feature Request Page

(p.s. I know the service is down from 2-3 days. I will try to bring it up ASAP!)