This document describes various aspects of orkutfeeds.

Following points are covered…

What is OrkutFeeds?

OrkutFeeds is a free service which offers missing – feeds feature for Googles social-networking service Orkut. This service is intended for orkut users.

What OrkutFeeds offers?

OrkutFeeds offers RSS Feed for following orkut features…

  • scrapbook
  • community
  • topics

There is no limit on number of feeds you can subscribe to! But please note private scrapbooks and communizes can not be subscribed using this service. If you happen to be the owner of private content then you can add orkutfeeds bot to your friend-network. That way orkutfeeds bot will be able to access your private content.

How OrkutFeeds can be used…

There are number of ways in which this service can be used. There are three transparent ways to choose from..

1. Web-based interface

Its good if you want to subscribe to one or two feed only.

Here are the steps…

  • Copy any orkut scrapbook, community or topic URL

Orkut URL

  • Visit OrkutFeeds homepage. You will find a text-field there with title “Enter Orkut URL”.

OrkutFeeds Homepage

  • Paste URL you copied earlier in that text-field and click subscribe button! You will be taken to the RSS feed page.

2. Bookmarklet

Bookmarklet is a small javascript code which looks like URL. You can keep it in your browsers bookmark toolbar like normal bookmarks. This is good if you want to subscribe to many feeds.

Here are the steps…

  • Drag-n-drop following image on bookmark toolbar.

Orkut Feeds

  • A new entry will be created with name Orkut Feeds

OrkutFeeds Bookmarklet

  • Whenever you want to subscribe to any orkut page you are viewing, click on above bookmark i.e. name Orkut Feed. It will take you to the relevant feed page directly.

3. GreaseMonkey

Greasemonkey LogoThis is the way I personally use this service. Only thing is, this is limited for firefox users. It integrates RSS feed icon and link into orkut in a way that you will never notice orkutfeeds! This is the best way to use the OrkutFeeds specially for lazy people like me.. πŸ˜‰

Here are the steps in brief…

More details are here!


orkut feeds RSS link

Firefox RSS Feed Indicator

Geeky Notes..

I don’t think anybody will be reading this part! πŸ˜‰

Anyway I wanted to mention here structure of this service. It may help you use orkutfeeds in your programs.

First lets review orkuts URL structure…

Every person have a uid and pages related to users like profile, scrapbook, etc contains uid=NUM in URL addresses, where NUM is a number.

Similarly community pages have cmm=NUM in their URL addresses and community topic pages have additional tid=NUM alongwith cmm=NUM in their URLs.

These uid, cmm & tid are parameters orkut uses to identify a unique resource.

Now coming back to orkutfeeds, we have only one URL via which we offers all three types of feeds…[&PARA=NUM]

where PARA can be uid, cmm or tid and NUM will be valid number.

So Profile Feeds will have address like

Community feeds will have address like

Community topic feeds will have address like

If you noticed it, URL structure is quite close to the orkuts URL structure. Its designed keeping in mind that if orkut will launch tomorrow feeds feature themselves, most probably they will go for a program name Feed.aspx on their server.

If that really happens, then all our script will be made to work by simply replacing with πŸ™‚

Don’t bother about this section too much. I am really bad at documenting the things. But if you still want to have a word with me, comments are open below! πŸ™‚

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