Caching Support Added

Just now completed caching, one of the longest pending task on my TO-DO list for Orkutfeeds.

Strangely, it took just 1 hour of coding and 2 hours of designing/thinking to implement caching! Had I known this earlier, OrkutFeeds would have never went down.

Anyway I hope service will run smoothly atleast for next few months. I don’t have enough free time to spend more on this free and ad-free (till now atleast) service.

Caching Duration

One bad thing with caching is you won’t get updates from Orkut instantly. But if you have time to follow updates every second, why don’t you just log into Orkut!

Anyway just for info, here are caching duration for different type of feeds.

  • Scrapbook feed – 10 minutes
  • Topic feed – 30 minutes
  • Community feed – 60 minutes

Adjusting these values are fairly easy on our end. So any discussion/suggestion related to these numbers are most welcomed. 🙂

As usual, with any change, new bugs may popup over the time. Catch them if you can! 😉

Orkutfeeds User Guide [Documentation]

Usually documentation is the first thing done when launching a service. But being lazy and busy, I delayed it so long.

Actually most bloggers covered many details so I was never bothered in first place to write a manual. But for the sake of formality, the user guide is here.

I know documentation means a much longer and boring thing but as of now bear with it. I will write bigger docs in future.

As of now, added a small section – geeky notes, at the end which may be helpful if you are planning to (ab)use orkutfeeds programmatically… 😉

If something needs to be changed, corrected.. please feel free to comment! 🙂

Link: User Guide

Subscribe To Orkut Communities & Topics now!


Just now I am done with adding support for Orkut Communities & Topics feed! A week earlier from planned schedule! 😉

Now you have in total 3 options…

  • orkut scrapbook feed
  • orkut community feed
  • topic level feed

Yep. We serve community feeds and topics feeds separately! Act after developing community feeds, coding topic feed was child’s play! 😀

Also following things has been updated….

  • Subscription form on OrkutFeeds homepage now accept any valid URL from Orkut. A valid URL means any Orkut URL which can be subscribed! You can just copy-n-paste any Orkut URL now and we will server you relevant feeds! 🙂
  • GreaseMonkey Script (Install Link) also changed so that it will show subscription links whenever you visit any Orkut page that can be subscribed! Feed junkies should use this option as using this they can subscribe to feeds directly without visiting our homepage!
  • Also changes has been made to javascript bookmarklet.

Now its your turn to let us know if we are missing something!

Good night for now… 🙂

Its 3:16 AM here in India!

Links: OrkutFeeds Homepage

Google Reader – "Mark As Read" issue fixed!

Devdatta few days back informed about a bug. Even if he was marking scraps as read they were appearing again.

Actually it took 3 days to figure out where the bug is. Fixing it after that was childs play! 😉

There is guid tag is RSS Feed which supposed to be unique per atom. I guess Google Reader uses this to keep track of which item was marked.

Now problem was if look at scrapbook at any time  there might be more than one scrap from same friend. So using friends orkut profile link was resulting is collision.

Then I appended small random string to URL to avoid collision. Here at this point I messed code. Now guid was unique but random so for same item on every access Google Reader was getting new guid’s! So it was failing to keep track of read scraps!

Now change I made is: replaced random string by md5 hash! Now its unique and permanent as md5 has is computed using scraps content part only which is uneditable in any way!

Point of this story is – feeds produced by Orkutfeeds now should work with Google Reader & other feed reader without any problem!

If problem persists, let us know… 🙂

OrkutFeeds Launched…


On 21st Feb Orkutfeeds launched under its own domain

I wanted to give it a subdomain like but my friend Vijay & Anil strongly opposed to my that idea. So I had to register a new domain!

Actually I am not planning to make money from this service. Thats why I was reluctant to buy something for this. Anyway its looking nice with its own domain…

I also posted a review on my main blog – Devils Workshop about this!

It doesn’t support communities yet like earlier scripts used to do in past… I will try to add that feature soon!

All I can predict about this service at this moment is that it will be free & spam-free forever! 🙂